ARMADILLO Warehouse Floor Marking Tape - 3" x 108' Rolls

ARMADILLO Warehouse Floor Marking Tape - 3" x 108' Rolls
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Price $179.99

Quantity 1 = 1 Roll of 3" x 108' Armadillo Floor Tape

Our Yellow, Red, Green, Blue or White Armadillo Warehouse Floor Tape is designed to be tougher and longer lasting than any other floor tape currently on the market. ($179.99 for a 3" x 108' roll) You can make your choice using the drop down menu above.

Armadillo tape is designed to work on a wide variety of smooth surfaces and will hold up to foot and forklift traffic. Armadillo Floor tape has both a non skid and low level reflective surface.  The non skid mildly abrasive surface prevents slipping while the reflective beads built into the surface enhance night time visibility.

The tape is constructed from a tough polymer reinforced with a synthetic webbing.  This is backed with a very aggressive adhesive which is exposed by peeling off a release liner prior to application. The color is built into the polymer for longevity.  Embedded in the top of the film are glass beads for reflectivity and abrasive for non skid.  This is the only product on the market that is long lasting, reflective, and non skid all in one product.

Armadillo warehouse floor tape can be easily cleaned with standard floor cleaning machines and procedures. It features a low profile design that ensures that the tape is not a hazard to forklift traffic or foot traffic. The aggressive adhesive allows for use on a wide range of surfaces including smooth concrete, asphalt, wood and steel plus others.

To apply Armadillo Tape simply peel the backing and position the tape onto a clean, dry surface.  Then press the tape in with a rubber roller or tire. You can click here to see a data sheet on this product.  Or click here  or here to see a product info sheet. To see a video showing the tapes reflectivity click here.

We carry Yellow, Red, Green, White, and Blue. (to order this product "by the foot" click here)

The 3" x 108 foot rolls run $179.99 each.  You can make your color choice above using the drop down menu.

Armadillo Non Skid Reflective Warehouse Floor Tape